What is one thing you can rely on in this world? Sure, the sun will always rise and set, and the waves will always roll in, but one thing that impacts Ryans greatly is that people are always going to need to eat… That is why securing this contract with Fonterra is potentially the biggest contract for us to date!

Recessio-Proofing-New-Contract-with-Fonterra Compared to this time last year, Ryans has gone from transporting no dairy to transporting almost three quarters of the regions dairy produce, and it came about due to the dedication and persistence of our team.

After years of keeping in touch with Fonterra trying to reduce empty running (where a truck comes back to the depot with no load after making a delivery), in March this year Ryans received notification that Fonterra was going to tender.

Winning a contract with a client like Fonterra is no easy feat. “The whole process took a number of months to complete,” said Ryans General Manager Commercial, Martin Ellul. “We had to move through various stages and eventually were asked to present our offer on three separate occasions. In August we were awarded the contract and began work.”

Aside from ticking our recession proofing business box, the contract with Fonterra has significantly increased the size of our fleet. We now have seven new prime movers and nine trailer sets as well as numerous pallets sets, which will also be used for work with Woolworths, Warrnambool Cheese and Butter and Lion.

“The team, from senior management to onsite fork operators, drivers as well as operations and administration staff have done a phenomenal job to date,” said Martin. “I am very pleased to advise that all KPIs were reached and exceeded for the first month’s service results.”

We are very pleased to be on this five-year journey with Fonterra and look forward to expanding our relationship with this renowned dairy provider.

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