Russell Hayes

Travelling to Melbourne with Russell Hayes.

Russell started with Ryans Group in 2001 and he is now 70 years old. By coincidence he is driving truck number 70, a Kenworth T350 powered by a cummins engine, which has 1.4 million kms on the speedo.

The Kenworth is carrying a load of timber from Mt Gambier that is being delivered in Melbourne, after his drop off Russell will return to Warrnambool with a new load.

There is nothing like a long empty road to get drivers talking, and I always use it as an opportunity to get to know my drivers and what they like about their job.

Here is a short Q&A from our trip.

What do you like about being a driver?
“I just like driving, meeting people and making friends.”

What is your most memorable moment at Ryans?
“Getting this truck brand new.”

What are you looking forward to?
“I can’t wait to retire and travel, but I hope I can still work casually.”

Russell is an outstanding employee with an impeccable driving record, a great work ethic and a pleasure to have around.

Thanks for the lift!

Graham Ryan

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