Ryans is a family owned business that has been providing professional transport and removals services in Victoria and South Australia for over 60 years.

Local Warrnambool resident with an entrepreneurial flair, Frank Ryan, started this transport empire in the early 1950s as a one-truck, wood supplier for Warrnambool Cheese and Butter.

During the next six decades Frank expanded his fleet as he acquired more work and other businesses; carcase meat in the 1960s, general freight in the 1970s, a new depot in the 1980s, Warrnambool Removals in the 1990s, and the internationalisation of the business in the new millennium.

Throughout this expansion, Ryans Group has maintained close ties with the communities in which it operates and prides itself as a supporter of local initiatives and as a major employer in the South West region of Victoria.

Ryans Group is now run by Frank’s son, Graham Ryan, and employs around 130 people.