In 2014 major innovation won Ryans one of its most largest contracts in its contract logistics business.

The features that won Ryans this contract are two-fold, structural and technological, both undergoing rigorous safety checks and resulting in ongoing training for the Ryans’ team.

Previously Vinidex relied on semi trailers to complete the delivery of 12-meter pipe, slower, more expensive vehicles that weren’t always able to be accommodated at sites around Victoria. The Ryans’ solution was to utilise the space above the truck cab as well as additional engineered uprights to carry the 12-meter pipe. Each truck was then front fitted with remote controlled cranes to load and unload the pipes.

Ryans also looked to a technological improvement that would mean greater accuracy, efficiency and transparency. In partnership with Honeywell and Peacock Bros we implemented the Epod solution, a simple hand held device with a number of benefits:

  • Jobs are sent out to the hand held device in the field
  • The customer is able to sign on the screen of the device, which is then loaded online and accessible to customers. Photos can also be taken of the delivery of goods if the customer is not present
  • Each delivery is tracked and estimated times of delivery are available

You can hear more about the Epod solution in the case study below.